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Buying Process How Realtor Compensation Works! How Realtors are compensation.      
Buying Process What is a Deed? When you purchase a property in California and have chosen a way to hold the Title. That information is recorded on a Deed.    A Deed is a written document that conveys ownership of a property, its location, and its encumberments.    The signing of a Deed is typically done in the last 24-48 hours […]
Buying Process Reading a Preliminary Title Report Think of a preliminary title report like a background check on a home, revealing tax, lien, or ownership poltergeists lurking. Knowing how to read a preliminary title report helps prevent spooky surprises.   Each report is several pages long and will always have the same information in the same order.   Owner of Record Vesting […]
Buying Process What is Title? Title is how you own a property. A title on a deed tells others who own a property. It is the actual legal ownership of the property, while a deed is a document that serves as a record of that ownership. The deed is not the actual ownership of the property.   Knowing how you […]
Buying Process The Ultimate Deal-Breaker Checklist for Homebuyers How many times have you heard the story about people who move into their dream home only to find out that there’s a huge plumbing issue or noisy neighbors next door? Learn from their mistakes, and reconsider certain factors before signing on the dotted line. Here’s a comprehensive checklist for homebuyers when it comes to […]
Buying Process A Quick Breakdown of Your Homeowners Insurance As new homeowners will learn, borrowers need to provide their lender with proof of homeowners insurance for the full value of the property (usually the purchase price) in order to be approved for the loan. Typically, the standard insurance policy protects your new property and some possessions against damage or theft. But what, specifically, will […]
Buying Process What Makes a Home Difficult to Insure Home insurance may be one of the last things you’ll think about when buying a home, but in some situations, insuring your biggest asset isn’t so easy. And without insurance, you won’t be able to qualify for a home loan. Here are five things that can make getting home insurance difficult, or at least more […]
Buying Process Protecting Yourself With an Umbrella Policy Just as an umbrella can protect you from the rain, an umbrella insurance policy can shield you from lawsuits if something unfortunate happens at your home. Homeowners insurance usually includes some liability coverage to protect your assets if someone is injured at your home. Umbrella policies can go beyond the $300,000 liability insurance that most […]
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